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Under the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (the ADEA), employers with 20 or more employees may not discriminate against anyone aged 40 or older, based on his or her age. The New York state laws provide even greater coverage, with provisions enacted in February 2020 making illegal for any employer to discriminate against anyone because of age. If you or a loved one has been denied employment, fired, or treated differently on the job in New York because of your age, the Law Office of Justin A. Zeller can help.

At the Law Office of Justin A. Zeller, we have fought for the rights of workers in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut since 2004. We understand the importance of work and know the consequences of wrongful discrimination on the job. We recognize that every legal claim is unique, so we’ll take the time to learn the details of your case, as well as what you want to recover for the wrong done to you. We’ll help you understand the law and the process, and will explain your rights, options and prospects for success, so that you can make good decisions about how you want to proceed. We strive to be available and accessible when you want to talk with us, and we’ll answer all calls, text messages and emails as quickly as possible.

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Our Representation in Employment-Based Age Discrimination Claims

We handle all matters related to workplace discrimination claims under the ADEA or under New York’s state laws. We will painstakingly investigate the facts and circumstances of your claim, talking to co-workers and others to confirm what happened. We will verify that you qualify to file a claim for age-based discrimination, and we’ll handle all matters to comply with the requirements of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. We will also be strong advocates for you in court.


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We take most employment law disputes on a contingency basis. You won’t pay any legal fees unless we recover compensation for your losses.

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