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Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Accident Claims in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

A collision involving an automobile, truck or motorcycle can cause serious and catastrophic injury, regardless of the rate of speed you’re traveling at the time of impact, or whether safety measures such as seat belts or airbags functioned properly. If you or someone you love has sustained any type of injury in a motor vehicle accident, the Law Office of Justin A. Zeller can help.

At the Law Office of Justin A. Zeller, we take an aggressive approach when protecting the rights of people in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut who have been hurt in motor vehicle crashes. We know that even a minor fender bender can cause long-term loss. No motor vehicle accident claim is too big or too small for us.

We will fight for your rights throughout the legal process, from the investigation of the details of your accident through trial, if necessary. We’ll work hard to help you fully understand the law and the process, as well as your rights, options and likelihood of success, so that you can make decisions that are in your best interests. We will immediately apprise you of all changes or developments in your case and are committed to being available and accessible when you have questions or concerns. We return all calls, emails, and text messages with 24 hours.


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Our Representation in Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Claims

We zealously represent individuals who have been hurt in car, truck, or motorcycle accidents, whether as drivers, passengers, or pedestrians. We will exhaustively investigate your accident, visiting the scene of the crash, if necessary. When appropriate, we will work with expert witnesses, including accident reconstruction specialists, engineers, vehicle safety engineers, medical professionals and financial planners, so that we can make clear and compelling arguments to a judge and jury.

We handle all types of motor vehicle accident cases, including claims involving:

  • Cars, automobiles, sedans, sport utility vehicles, light trucks and other passenger vehicles
  • Commercial trucks, such as 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, big rigs, semis and delivery vans
  • Motorcycles
  • Mass transit vehicles, including buses, commuter trains and light rails, taxis and rideshare vehicles

We will help you recover damages for any type of injury, from sprains, strains and other soft-tissue trauma to serious and catastrophic loss, such as brain or spinal cord injury, paralysis, burns, broken bones, permanent scarring or disfigurement, and amputation or loss of limb.

Our attorneys will help you pursue damages for lost income and wages, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of companionship or consortium, unreimbursed medical expenses, and physical pain and suffering.

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